Marvel's Hawkeye | Credits MusicHawkeye
Post Trauma | Video Game SoundtrackPost Trauma


Mr. Robot | Trailer and Additional MusicMr. Robot

Child's Play | Christmas Teaser MusicChild's Play


CNN | HLN PromotionCNN

HBO | Beware the SlendermanHBO


Discovery Channel | Deadliest CatchDiscovery Channel

Google | YT Audio LibraryGoogle - YT Audio Library Spot (ft. Jeff Goldblum)Credits Apartments

Merryweather Media (Web Comic Music) Merryweather Comics Music


In My Shadow (Trailer Music)Videogame In My Shadow

Death Squared (Game Credits Soundtrack)Videogame Death Squared


Phobies (Mobile Game Soundtrack)Mobile Game Phobies

Burnhouse Lane (Video Game Soundtrack)Credits Videogame Burnhouse Lane


Crimson Snow (Video Game Soundtrack)Crimson Snow

Downfall (Video Game Soundtrack)Credits Videogame Downfall


Halloween Horror Nights | Entrance & Maze MusicTHalloween Horror Nights | Entrance & Maze Music

Fright Dome | Las Vegas Fright Dome


Pleasant Inn (Short Film Score) 

White Willow (Short Film Score)


Credits Lore

  • OddPlanet (Mobile & Steam Game)
  • Room 54 (Steam VR game)
  • The Cosmic Secret (Documentary)
  • Momo.exe (Steam Game)
  • The Laws of Nature: A Collection of Short
       Stories of Horror [...] (Audiobook)
  • After Hours (Web Series)
  • Dead Christmas (Mobile & Browser Game)
  • Enigmarella (Visual Novel)




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